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From the Headteacher
 March 2013-03-26

This has been an incredibly short half-term but much has happened. Ofsted finally arrived back in school having last inspected the school, aside from an interim assessment (2011), back in September 2007. The school has steadily developed since then so it was good to have the chance to have an external view of how things are going. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any details until the report is published after Easter. I am, however, incredibly proud of the way the children behaved and conducted themselves. Thank you!  Those thanks also extend to all adults in school who took great pride in demonstrating how successfully CJS runs on a day to day basis. I shall, of course, let you all know when the full report is published and make paper copies available to those that need them.

World Book Day was a real success. Many children (and all staff) dressed up as book characters. The children were organised into mixed year-group classes before taking part in a range of book-themed activities, across the school. Teachers celebrated the ‘picture book’ as a favourite genre, reading several through the week. As always, the pictures on the blog replace a thousand words!

Red Nose Day followed two mufti days the previous week so we took a more gentle approach to fundraising with a penny trail. I simply could not believe the amount of 2p and 1p coins on the floor – especially with only 5 minutes until assembly! The School Council are making an enormous effort to count it all (counting as I write)! It looks as if we have raised about £120 or so, which is a lot of pennies! The Easter Coffee Morning raised £480 – another terrific result! Thanks to the Friends for their continued hard work and commitment.

The outdoor classroom is now fully built. The weather hasn’t been ideal to start using it but, with the warmer weather just around the corner, I expect to see children enjoying some outdoor learning. I have had some signs put up by the adventure play areas to remind children not to use the equipment in wet or icy weather. Please ensure that your children take note of these signs if there are no school adults outside, either because it is too early or too late in the day. There have been reports of some children behaving less responsibly than they would usually during these periods.

Hilltop and How Hill residential visits are being organised for the Autumn term. These are lovely opportunities for your children to do; things that we can’t offer at school and maybe very expensive to do with larger families at home. They are good value for money. We continue to subsidise the trips to keep the costs down. There is money available to help parents whose children are unable to go simply on the basis of cost. Come in for a chat if this is your concern. Please remember that CJS subsidises many visits and visitors, only asking for contributions so that we can offer even more of these for your children. I cannot believe many other schools get out and about quite as often as we do! We are grateful for your support.

Parent View is the government’s preferred way of parents sharing their views of their school. We often do surveys with the children. As with all surveys, the more people that add to the data, the more accurate the overall picture becomes. We try really hard to make every aspect of school life the best that it can ever be, so let us know how we are doing J

Children return to school on Monday April 15th. Parents’ evening, should you wish to discuss your child’s report is Monday 22nd April (more info next term).

Finally, I expect to see a little more of Mr Godson at school as he moves into the next phase of his recovery and return to work. He’s feeling much fitter and is looking forward to being ‘back on board’.

Happy Easter!
Mr W de Neve


Although short, this term has been extremely busy. The snow caused some disruption but, thankfully, there were no accidents. Carrie and other staff worked very hard to keep the site as accessible as possible. Thank you all for your patience with the minor detours around the playground. Soon we should have some ropes installed to make it very clear, in future, which areas of the playground are not open during snowy or icy conditions. I'd like to extend my thanks to all of the staff who made allowances in their work journeys to keep school open for you when possible. We only consider closure when the forecast is such that it is difficult to predict how safe driving will be later in the day.

Several school trips have been able to go ahead, including Norwich Castle Museum, Norwich Cathedral, UEA athletics and local trips down to Cromer Museum. We continue to direct resources to ensure that the curriculum is enriched by arranging as many visitors and visits as possible. Thank you all for your contributions to the various fundraising events that have taken place this half-term.

There have been some changes to the MSA (Midday Supervisory Assistant) team which have prompted further First Aid and professional training. All of us appreciate the dedicated work that these adults do. We are continuing to develop lunchtimes to help the children to enjoy this part of the school day in every way possible. Many opportunities are now available, at lunchtime, for children to have help with completing their homework in addition to the other activities available. Some children attend homework clubs quite regularly to catch up on learning which has not been handed in on time. We try to be as consistent as possible with the days we set homework to help everyone with what I know can be a challenging part of school life! The school remains committed to expecting pupils to carry out a certain amount of independent learning in their own time. We thank you for your continued support.

The Friends of Cromer Junior School have added to school life greatly with their discos, fayres, film nights and ever successful cookery club. Thanks very much to Davina and her tireless team of friends. I am sure they always have room for new members.

Some of the Governors are visible on their page on the school blog. They work very hard to make sure that the school is running in your best interests. They keep a very close check on results, health and safety, finance, teaching and learning and staffing. I'd like to thank them for their support and challenge during Mr Godson's absence.

I have seen Mr Godson recently and he appears to be responding very well to further surgery and treatment. He is in good humour and expects to be returning to school in the near future.

School attendance is below target at the moment but there are still enough weeks in the year to meet the 96% figure. If your child is taking more than average time off school it is worth contacting me for a chat. It may turn out to be something simple that can easily be solved.There are still a handful of children with 100% attendance, this year, so they will have a big mention in Friday's assembly.

The blog continues to attract lots of visitors. Many more children now add their comments to posts. Year 6 have been answering reading homework questions, making it possible for everyone to see their high standard of ability and the type of feedback that they are offered. Reading is a focus in school, this year, so encourage your child to do as much as possible at home. Every child in school now has a nickname that they use to make comments on the blog. So much is added to the site that it is easy to miss posts if you are not a frequent visitor. Use the button at the bottom of the page to see older posts - they may only have been posted the day before!

If you have any concerns at all relevant to school or your child's learning, please make contact with the class teacher or, depending on the nature, Mrs Fields or me.

With the excellent new 'activity trail' up and running, we now look forward to a further development to the school site - an outdoor classroom! Work will shortly begin on building the wooden structure on the 'quiet area' circle in the playground. The building has been partly funded by money raised by the School Council and has been planned for some time. I hope that it is finished during holiday time but if it is not, I thank you in advance for your patience being redirected to pick up your children at the end of the day.

The MSA team have asked me to share with you that there are quite a lot of children coming to school without coats, only to complain that they are cold at lunchtime. The cold weather is probably going to be with us for the next couple of months so coats will be needed. Children's lockers are plenty big enough to house even a bulky coat. Also I have been told that somebody has been bringing fizzy drinks in to the dining hall and somebody else has been bringing drinks in a glass bottle. Please stick to flat, soft drinks in a plastic bottle.

Once again, thank you all for your support in continuing to help make CJS a school the community and town can be proud of.

School reopens on Monday, February 25th, at 8.50am.

Mr W de Neve


Firstly, Mr Godson would like to extend a big 'well done' to all of your children since they have been working really hard all term and a big thank you to all of the parents for supporting their children with their learning. Parents evening was well attended and many parents enjoyed meeting CJS Governors and senior teachers from Cromer Academy. Teachers felt that conversations with parents were helpful and productive.

Year 3 have settled in really well, adapting to their new school extremely well. They certainly seem to be enjoying the different topics, including: investigating shadows, following a shadow puppet theatre show; learning about road safety and making healthy sandwiches. We've discovered that there are some talented story-tellers amongst them after their 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' project. I'm sure the current Year 4 will have fond memories of the same story. To further celebrate their positive start to Junior School, I am delighted to report that there are no Year 3 children on behaviour levels 1-5. Well done!

In the other years, Year 4 are either enjoying their residential visit to How Hill or looking forward to their day-visit tomorrow. Residentials are an incredibly valuable experience, offering the opportunity for learning that goes well beyond the boundaries of the classroom. I know that many children remember them long into adulthood so I would encourage all parents try their best to make the best of the offer. School remains in a position to help families financially if there is genuine need. Viking day was excellent, well enjoyed by the children judging by the comments on this blog.

Year 5 have been enjoying the extra space in their smaller classes. They had a great trip to Sheringham Park, resulting in some fantastic writing and very professional looking 'Green Man' sculptures. A highlight of the half-term has been making bread from recipes the children designed themselves.

Year 6 have been enjoying the responsibility of being the oldest children in the school, helping with the smooth running of the school. They are looking after the library well, running the school shop efficiently and performing their role as buddies with generosity and thoughtfulness. The children have enjoyed trips to Crucial Crew at Greshams School and a visit to Beeston School to listen to the best selling author, Michelle Paver.

The children have continued to show their willingness to give to others by taking part in a variety of fund-raising events, including Jeans for Genes and Roald Dahl Day. This year's School Council are taking their posts very seriously, managing these events and others brilliantly.

We are having a major focus, this year, on reading so we would be very grateful for your continued support, listening to your children read and encouraging them to do a good job of their reading homework. For parents of those children  that find reading more difficult, we shall be holding an evening in November aimed at showing how intervention programmes are used to help accelerate reading progress.

If you've been on the playground or have logged on to the blog this week, you'll have noticed the building work going on, along the edge of the Academy's field. The new activity trail apparatus will enhance the outdoor play area. It is hoped that Councillor, Hilary Thompson, will officially open it on completion.

Just as we ask for the children's views on school life each year, your thoughts are important to us. The Department For Education are very keen for you to answer an online questionnaire at . You'll need to register (a simple process) and then it's all very straight-forward. Thanks.

I am told that we have little visitors, in the form of headlice again, so please take the time to comb and condition your children's hair if you find them. This won't get rid of the situation altogether but will certainly help to minimize the impact!

Denise Price has decided  to focus on her teaching assistant position and so finishes a lengthy stint as a midday supervisor. We welcome Jackie Rivett to the team.

I would like to thank Davina and the rest of the Friends for their hardwork providing all kinds of fun for the children, particularly film night and the Monster Ball. Help is always needed, to keep this all going, so please contact Davina through the school office if you think you could lend a hand.

Finally, I am very keen to continue to develop the blog as a learning forum in addition to its current purpose. You can help by encouraging your children to share their thoughts and opinions by adding interesting comments to the individual posts and pages.

Enjoy your half-term break, especially remembering to heed PCSO Elaine Robert's advice on 'trick or treating' if you choose to take part in that. And whatever you do - don't mention the Chr*****s word just yet!

Mr de Neve

This half term has been as busy as ever!  Your children have enjoyed many visits and trips in addition to ‘extras’ such as violin, guitars, football, rugby, cross country, choir, maths tuition, netball, hockey, creative club and I’m certain to have missed something!  I want to say a personal and public ‘thank you’ for the wonderful support received from staff, parents and student teachers.  Many thanks! J
July 2012, From the Headteacher:
As I sit here writing, it appears that the Sports Day angel may, once again, be looking down upon us with a smile!  There are blue patches of sky within a view that has recently been a shade of grey with much water involved!  Let's hope it gives us our day........
The end of the year is a good time to reflect upon the year 2011-2012 at Cromer Junior School.  It was a year that began with the probability of an Ofsted inspection and ends with the probability of an inspection in the Autumn Term as this year's visit failed to materialise!  The new term sees a change to the inspection regime and as always, some changes to the emphasis on focus.  If you are observant, you may have noticed a number of changes to the page headings at the start of the 'Blog.'  These reflect required material by the DFE and are pages which provide additional detailed information about your school, its achievements and the way it uses funding.  I hope you find this information of interest, and I welcome any comments upon the content.  Changes to the school dates are included on the front page on the right hand side.
Schools are constantly evolving places.  Cromer Junior School continues to evolve and develop.  Here is a summary of recent change.  CJS congratulates both Miss Church and Miss Beresford on a very successful completion to their first year in teaching and for the contributions both in abilities and ethos made to the school.  The teaching assistant team has been strengthened by the arrival of Mrs Tucker and Mrs Shackcloth.  Again, Mrs Tucker has successfully completed her first year at CJS and has brought much additional support to the children, particularly Year 5, and also another welcome sense of humour to an already happy staff.  September will see the arrival of Mrs Blair to the teaching team.  She will be teaching one of the newly created three classes in Year 5.  However, a number of arrivals often mean a departure or two.  This year, we are able to congratulate Mrs Rowlands who is to further her teaching career with a move to Kinsale Junior School in Norwich.  We all wish her the very best and thank her for her time at CJS both as a trainee teacher and as her first appointment.  The school has benefitted from her excellent linguistic abilities and in recent times, her musical abilities, which have allowed the choir to experience a change in direction.  This expertise will be missed and I am sure greatly appreciated by her colleagues and the children at Kinsale.  We also extend our thanks to Kayleigh Gilbey as she leaves our mid day team to move to a new future in a new part of the country.  Thank you Kayleigh, and thank you to all the mid-day team who commit strongly to the ethos of our school.
The new Cromer Curriculum has been reviewed by myself and the staff.  We have been really pleased with the wide range of experiences available to the children.  School visits and residentials require a great deal of planning and commitment.  The writing your children continue to produce is of a very good standard.  This has been enhanced by the first hand experiences that the children have received.  I remain committed to supporting this element of the education of your children and the school will continue to invest heavily in making this first hand learning continue and develop.
If the curriculum has been exciting and provided opportunities, then the extra curricular possibilities have been the best so far this year.  The sporting achievements of the children have been fantastic.  This is not just where trophies have been won, such as with girls' and boys' football, but where children have had the chance to try out new activities or to be part of a team in a sport where they are unfamiliar such as Cross Country.  I wanted the school to embrace the Olympic values and also the Olympic spirit this year.  The staff have excelled my vision, but it has not just been sport.  There have been more musical opportunities than ever before.  Whether it has been the Rock Band, the Choir, Guitars, Violins  or the variety of musical workshops and visiting musicians, the inspiration has been truly Olympic.  In addition, there has been extra tuition for many children, oportunities to show leadership such as the School Shop, being Librarians, the Talent Shows, making animations, organising the numerous charity events and generally helping in maintaining our excellent resources in PE and Games.  Non of this would be possible without the leadership of the staff at all levels.  But, non of it would be possible without the commitment of your children and the support of yourselves as parents and carers to enable your children to take up the vast array of what is possible.
I hope to see these activities continue.  As always, I have plans for them to develop!  I believe strongly that having a happy school which has firm boundaries means that children and staff are able to perform to the best of their abilities.
As I conclude, Mrs Gilbey, the caretaker is arriving to 'unlock.'  It would be remiss of me to end the year without thanking those whose work can go unnoticed.  It never does, but, when it is performed on a daily basis without much publicity, it is easy to be overlooked.  So thank you Carrie and Sue for helping the school to look as good as it always does, to Mary, Tula and Jenny for providing great school meals and many of those 'extra' events.  Thank you to Gaynor and Carol in the office who are often your first port of call and who can find themselves in situations they may know little about when so much is happening!
Finally, reflecting on the year, I wish to thank the governing body, who, under the leadership of John Simpson, perform their voluntary duties with a high level of professionalism and commitment.  Every one of the previously mentioned successes would not be possible without sound financial management, a well kept and well resourced building plus professional staff working within an exciting curriculum.  The governors enable this to happen and also challenge myself and the school if they believe it is not happening as it should!
I want to say a public, 'Well done and Thank you' to Y6.  Many of them have achieved some excellent personal results and outcomes this year.   They have been amongst the most responsible of Year 6 groups that I have had the pleasure to watch as they have taken on new initiatives and led the school.  Their interviewing of the Year 5 pupils for their roles next year has been both professional and unique to CJS!
The patches of blue sky have disappeared!  The 'Summer' of 2012 continues!  It's time to make a possible 'no win' decision..........will it rain?..........Who knows..........!

I hope you are all able to enjoy time with your children over the school summer holiday.  I really hope that the weather makes a consistent change for the better so that outdoor events can happen.  At least this year, if the weather lets us down, we can all watch the Olympics on television and see the reality of a world wide event we have been working towards.

17th July 2012

March 2012.  From the Headteacher:

Of course, these activities gain publicity.  If you have an issue with any of the following, please contact me;
Photographs (with no name) on the Blog or in the School Prospectus and photographs (with names) in the local newspapers or broadcast on local radio.

Next term will see a full sporting ‘round up.’  It has been a wonderful winter season with many successes.

We have taken the opportunity of staff changes to re-structure the support and organisation around children who have additional needs. (SEN or SEND as you often see it.)  We take supporting your children very seriously and provide many forms of additional help.  Available to everyone is Will Campbell the Parent Support Adviser and Debbie Bedford from the Benjamin Foundation.  Homework help is available, often twice a week.  The computer suite can be used by arrangement if pupils wish to visit the Blog with their parents and this is not possible at home.  Many children receive small group or individual help with reading, spelling, writing and maths.  Extra tuition is given for identified children in maths.  Once a child is receiving much more help and much closer attention, they become known as School Action Plus.  This means that parents and carers are sent an Individual Education Plan (IEP) each half term following a review of their progress by teachers, teaching assistants, the SENCOs (Mr de Neve and Mr Amies) and in liaison with the School Management Team.  This closely documents what is happening and achievements that are made.  Some children have a Statement of Special Educational Needs.  This means their need has been more formally recognised and in addition to the above, their progress is monitored during an Annual Review, when all parties involved meet together to discuss provision.  I thank all the invited parents who attended the recent meeting for School Action Plus and Statemented pupils.  I hope the explanation proved useful.  For those who did not attend, I hope this summary is helpful and informative.

The ‘Blog’ continues to go from strength to strength.  There have been over 19,000 hits in the four months it has been live.  We are receiving more and more comments which is lovely.  We have now received comments from around the world.  Someone searching ‘golf’ realised the children were taking part in Tri-Golf and made a lovely comment from the other side of the world.   It is through the Blog that you are able to see the most up to date news and also some lovely photos.  Not been there recently?  Go to and don’t forget to go back to previous pages.  If you are not a regular viewer, you will certainly have missed news which has now gone onto a previous page.

Please remember that school begins at 0850 (ten to nine) and children and parents/carers should not be in school prior to this time.  Adults in school are busy preparing for their day and this is not usually a good time to talk.  Also, please remind your children that adults are on the playground or outside from 0840 (twenty to nine) and they should not arrive before then unless there has been a specific arrangement made.  Thank you.

You should all have received the Annual school Report for your child(ren).  Please return the slip if you have a comment to make.  Also, please return the slip in order to make an appointment to discuss the report at Parents’ Evening on Tuesday 17th April 2012.  Returning the slip before the holiday will make it easier for everyone.

Finally, there has been a lot of illness during this half term.  I wish everyone a happy and healthy Easter holiday and hope that everyone returns to school ready for a good Summer Term on Monday 16th April 2012.  This will probably be the term in which your school receives the next Ofsted inspection. 

Have a good holiday!

Steve Godson, Headteacher, March 2012.

February 2012.  From the Headteacher:
This Blog has been hugely successful. It has now had 12,500 hits and is collecting over 200 hits on most days.  This is fantastic and we are now committed to further development of the blog so as to provide even more useful and up to date information for parents.  The photos and events being recorded contain far, far more than a newsletter was ever possible of doing.  Therefore, from this point until further notice, the newsletter is replaced by the blog and the half termly comments will be published here:
This is the last paper copy that will be sent in this format.

Following the departure of Lynda Siddall last term, CJS has held interviews and made some changes.  Miss Lupton is to become the Specialist Resource Base (SRB) Manager with effect from after the Easter holiday.  Mr Amies (Years 5 and 6) and Mr de Neve (Years 3 and 4) are to become joint Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators. (SENCo) A new member of staff is to be appointed and will initially work in Year 6 with 6L.   This teacher will also be with us for the whole of the next academic year- September 2012 to July 2013.  Decisions about classes and year groups for September 2012 have not yet been made.  The school is also looking to appoint 2 Mid-day Supervisors.  If you are interested in children and have a calm manner with them ‘en mass,’ please ring 01263 512155.

We review our behaviour levels in school every half term.  Children may have been added to levels by their teachers in between these reviews.  You should be contacted by the teacher if this is the case.  Children are taken off levels at these reviews only. To re-explain the levels:
Level 1                        Adults are now watching these children more closely because of their behaviours
Level 2                        Children have a Target Card and report to adults a number of times a day to check on behaviour
Level 3                        A child at level 3 is at a risk of short term exclusion
Level 4                        Level 4 is as a result of an exclusion and risk of longer term exclusions-beyond 5 days
Level 5                        Level 5 is following a longer term exclusion and where there is risk of permanent exclusion 

‘As at 8.2.12: There are now 21 children on behaviour levels. This is down by 7.  14 children are at Level 1. 7 children are now at level 2. There are no children at L3 or above.  Again, these figures represent very good behaviour throughout the school and this is demonstrated by the vast majority of pupils.’
0 children have moved down the levels BUT 14 have come off altogether. Well done!
There were no letters home, only texts.

Text Messaging and Email:
These are the most efficient and cost effective methods for school to communicate.  Saving the cost of the previous newsletter will mean we can pay for the coach for a school trip!  However, although we encourage staff not to use these services either early in the morning or later in the evening, we cannot control delivery of such messages by the phone operators.  I received 10 emailed comments for the blog last evening at gone 10pm.  I’m sure your children were not blogging at that time of the night!  We understand the comments and try to minimise the use of ‘emergency’ texts.  However, we will continue to use these services based upon the number of letters that are never received or found lying about or in bins.

School Uniform:
The standard of school uniform has noticeably declined this half term.  Whilst I note the cold weather has some effect, it is not the reason.  Please ensure your child comes in school uniform; Navy blue sweatshirts, white or light blue shirts, dark trousers, shorts or skirts and school shoes.  Some school shoes are black, Velcro ‘trainer type’ shoes which are fine.  Bright games/fashion trainers are for games or playing.  PE kit is dark blue or black shorts and white T shirt.  Plimsolls are optional for indoor PE. Games kit (Mondays) needs to be warmer particularly during the winter and often needs tracksuit or similar, gloves and hat, outdoor trainers or boots for the field.
Second hand uniform is available 01263 512155.  If you wish to donate used school uniform to recycle, please do so.

Attendance is under the 95% target. There has been illness and some colder weather.  Please make every effort to ensure regular attendance and good time keeping.  Missing days or missing the start to lessons will always make learning more difficult.  Many children find this more stressful that being on time or not missing out.  However, the new Cromer Curriculum is proving to be a huge success.  The children have experienced many more visits and visitors than in recent years.  The blog shows you the quality of some of the work and the variety of experiences.  Many children are making comments on the blog which really show their appreciation for what has been arranged.  The quality of written work around these events continues to develop.  The life long skills of listening, co-operating, resilience and independence continue to be developed.

This has been another very successful half term.  Enjoy the holiday and we re-open at 0850 on Monday 20th February 2012

Steve Godson 8th February 2012

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