Monday, 21 November 2016

Crossing Patrol Threat


Dear parent/carer,

You may have read, in the local papers, that the County Council have resolved to cut some Road Crossing Patrol Services – lollipop ladies and men. It seems they have done a survey and decided that our crossing patrol is not necessary. I have to say that this came as a surprise since I am constantly reminded how dangerous Norwich Road can be. We have had the barriers replaced or fixed more than once as a result of vehicle damage. I believe that this is a cut being made as a result of funding shortfall rather than a genuine decision that the road is safe without assistance.

Carrie and Karen have provided us with a fantastic service for many years, keeping children and parents safe as they cross the road. I wish to make it very clear to the Council that we do require a crossing patrol and that we do not support it being cut. Please respond to the consultation document below.

‘At the Children’s Services Committee on 15 November it was agreed that Norfolk County Council would publicly consult on a proposal to only continue to fund Road Crossing Patrol sites that continue to meet the threshold recommended in the national guidance from Road Safety GB, previously Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association). The crossing patrol that supports this school does not meet the national threshold.’

If you wish to respond to the consultation you can access it at

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