Friday, 18 December 2015

The CJS Christmas Bake Off

Thank you to those of you who took the time to bake cakes and biscuits for us to sell. We raised £87.19 for Text Santa. The judges found it very difficult to pick winners for each category as the standard was so high.

Santa is coming to Norfolk!

Mr DeNeve read us a story to finish the term off ready for Christmas 😊🎅🏻

Chocolate Challenge Answers!

This problem was actually a bit simpler than it, at first, seemed. If Billy doubles in size everyday, he would have been half his size on the previous day. Therefore, if he fills his cave on Boxing Day, he would have been half that size, filling half his cave, the previous day - Christmas Day!

This problem has caused lots of head scratching...

I had to do this visually. I drew 50 dots (reindeer). Then, I drew a 51st dot to represent Rudolph.

I systematically crossed off a reindeer at the front of the line and then moved Rudolph in front of the two reindeer in front of him.

Simple! Not really... this is where it gets tricky:

I got to a point where, after the 16th reindeer is served (crossed off), Rudolph only has two reindeer ahead of him.

My system relies on groups of three (one reindeer being served and 2 being jumped). Yet there are only two reindeer ahead of Rudolph in the queue!

I think this leaves three correct options/answers, all depending upon how Rudolph is feeling/behaving on the day:

16 - Rudolph jumps the two ahead of him  before either of them are served.
17 - Rudolph waits for one of the two remaining reindeer to be served and then jumps in  front of the other one to be served.
18 - Rudolph waits for both remaining reindeer to be served.

I often hear people saying that children who like maths, like maths because it has a definite answer... not always.

Happy Christmas!

Y6 Raise £329.60 for Sue Ryder

Last week, 6a spent the morning singing and packing bags in Morrisons. We managed to raise a record breaking £329.60 for Sue Ryder! Well done!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Brilliant Boys' Dance

Over the last ten weeks some of the year 5 and 6 boys signed up to a dance project, partially sponsored by North Norfolk District Council as a way of encouraging more boys to engage with dance, and not see it as just an activity for girls.
All the boys LOVED the experience and after showing their peers their routines, many were overheard to say that they wished they had signed up for it too!