Friday, 31 January 2014

Peter Kavanagh meets year 5

Peter Kavanagh is an author,and the illustrator of over 150 books. Over the last two weeks he has spent time with year 5, teaching them the techniques of how to be a great illustrator. The children have been very inspired and will hopefully have some great stories of their own to share.

 5S practising their character poses before drawing them.


This morning CJS were lucky enough to have a production of Aladdin which was absolutely fantastic. It was a spectacular show of acting, dancing and singing; a classic tale with a modern twist. Absolutely amazing!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Year 3 and Islands!

Today, Year 3 had great fun creating a large scale model of an island out of mod rock. They were learning all about map symbols, to use when creating their own key for their island. Later on, they will use the maps and mod rock island to write an adventure story from.

Year 3 want to say thanks...

This week, Year 3 were given a lovely donation of some atlases and other books from Mrs Morgan. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Monday, 27 January 2014


Some year 5s and 6s took part in a tag rugby tournament this morning. As you will see, the weather was not on our side as the first snow of the year fell during our first match. All enjoyed it, especially in the clubhouse in front of the fire!! A big thank you to Holt Rugby Club who hosted this event for the schools in our cluster, even laying on a tasty pasta lunch. They are eager for new young players to join the club, even offering some free sessions.

Friday, 24 January 2014

5S at a Spanish Fiesta

This afternoon we had fun with spanish activities provided by some year 9s and teachers at Cromer Academy.

Year 6 - Investigating Picture Books!

In our reading lesson this morning we are investigating picture books and thinking about how and why they are suitable, and appealing, to younger children.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Year 4 King's Lynn museum visit

This week, Year 4 visited King's Lynn museum to learn more about the Romans and the Celts. The children met a 'Roman soldier', a 'Celtic warrior', a 'Celtic lady' and a 'Roman lady'. They participated in a variety of activities to learn about life during this period. We had some free time after lunch to have a look around the museum. We all had a really enjoyable day.

Year 4 Roman day

For their archaeology topic, Year 4 met a 'real life' Roman soldier! The children learnt about the Roman Empire, Roman home life, played Roman games and their conflict with the Celts. In the afternoon they re-enacted the battle between the Romans and Boudicca which was very exciting. Finally, they had a quick visit to the amphitheatre to watch gladiators fighting! The children behaved brilliantly, listening well and joining in. The Roman soldier was extremely impressed. Well done Year 4!