Friday, 1 February 2013

Year 4 visit to Norwich Cathedral

Year 4 visited Norwich Cathedral this week as part of their learning on Religious buildings. They had a tour of the different parts of the building, including the cloisters, the nave, the choir and the presbytery. A highlight was when one of our children was asked if they would like to read the Lord's Prayer across the speakers. Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their day and have been using what they learnt to help them back in school. The adults who guided us commented that the children listened fantastically well and behaved brilliantly. Well done Year 4!


  1. I have to go again! It was FUN,FUN,FUN!

    1. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Best day ever. : ) : )

  2. I loved going, i really do recommend it. it is so intresting and fun!