Friday, 27 April 2012

Y6 People and Jobs Trade Fair

For the past two weeks, Year 6 have been setting up small businesses. After writing an initial business plan, each group was given £5.00 to start up their business. Most of last week was spent planning and researching their ideas and this week they began trading with the view to reinvesting and buying more stock for the People and Jobs Fair, which took place in the hall this morning. All of the businesses managed to make a profit!

There was a variety of products and services available: greetings cards, cakes, food, competitions, jewellery, bookmarks and drinks. A couple of children braved the rain washing staff cars and there was even a chance to stroke and groom a donkey in the playground!

Henry Thompson was the winner of 12 beautifully decorated cup cakes from a cake raffle that proved very popular.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Face Britain Projection on Buckingham Palace

Saint George's Day Lunch

Today is Saint George's Day.  Saint George is famous for slaying a dragon and being the Patron Saint of England.  He is also mentioned in the folklore of many other countries.  His image, and that of the dragon, vary dramatically depending upon the artist and their interpretation.  Try putting St. George into Google Images.  In all probability, this is a representation of good succeeding over evil. 

Visitors to Y3

Last week Y3 were very lucky to have 4 visitors come to talk to them about their different jobs, as part of the People & Jobs theme. Thank you very much to each of our visitors, the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about being a nurse, a zoo keeper/manager, a veterinary nurse and a pilot.

Monday Assembly

This week the theme of 'Right and Wrong' has evolved into 'Legal and Illegal.'  Being St George's Day, the children thought about what would happen if the slaying of a large animal happened today, what would be the consequences?!
The result of having gained 5 leather bookmarks is for your name to be engraved on a very special trophy which is on display in the trophy cabinet in the gallery.  Well done, Lauren and Kathy!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Friends Cookery Club

On Tuesday, after school, the Friends of CJS held their first cookery club lesson. 25 children made individual pizzas to their liking. It was a huge success! Thank you to all that came along. Here are some pictures of the cooking in action..

Friday, 20 April 2012

Best Effort Assembly

Today there were about 30 Best Effort certificates given out followed by 7 Headteacher Awards.  Well done to everyone involved.

The children shared their work about jobs and work this week.  In addition they shared their homework which included some wonderful models and hats based on characters from stories or upon books themselves.

People and Jobs

Yesterday, Year 5 children were lucky enough to be visited by several guests, who came to tell them about their work.

Kevin Foley, a Franchisee who owns two McDonalds restaurants in Norwich, told the children how he has built up his business, starting from working in a restaurant himself.  He gave the children a very clear message about the value of working hard to do the best they can at everything they do.

Paul Macro, self-employed photographer (and yes, he does have an appropriate name!), showed the children some of his work and talked about the different conditions he works in, like taking photographs of Cromer pier in freezing weather at five o'clock in the morning.

Mrs Love talked about her work as a nurse.  She told us about the different areas of nursing that she has worked in and how she supervises teams of nursing staff to make sure all the patients are being well looked-after.

Miss Murray, a pharmacist, brought in various pieces of equipment she uses in her job for dispensing medicines and counting pills, as well as some other items that pharmacists supply, like special gluten-free bread.

Finally, Jason Tipple of Tipple's Brewery (yes, that is his real name as well!), brought in some of the raw ingredients he uses to make beer, including malt and hops.

The children asked some great questions, which meant they learned a lot about the various jobs that were presented.  We have had some lovely feedback from our visitors too:

"There were some very well thought out questions.  It was a pleasure, you have a great school and great children too."
- Kevin Foley

"I enjoyed it.  Some great questions and a very bright, confident Yr 5!"
- Jason Tipple

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Face Britain

Logo of Face Britain

Between September 2011 and March 2012, thousands of young people’s self portraits were uploaded to the Face Britain online gallery, brought to life by PhotoBox. Every portrait will be used to form part of a very special montage image of HM The Queen, projected onto the front of Buckingham Palace to herald the start of the Jubilee and Olympic celebrations from 19th – 21st April.
The montage image is also being shown on over 400 JCDecaux digital advertising screens in city centres, shopping centres and train stations across the UK, and on the national network of BBC Big Screens/Olympic Live Sites. Our closest projection site is the large screen in the square outside Chapelfield shopping mall in Norwich (20th - 22nd April).

To find your child's portrait on the Face Britain website:

  • Open the 'Kids' section of the website if it does not automatically direct you to it ( a google search on face britain should do!) or click this link
  • Enter Cromer Junior School in the 'Find your child's portrait' near the top of the page
  • Click on the Cromer Junior School link
  • Click on your child's class
  • Find your child's portrait and click on it to enlarge. (mugs etc can be bought if wished)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cromer girls' team have finished their league run with a great win against Millfield, who battled hard but could not overcome our girls. We won 8-2 but had to work and play hard to achieve this. Well done to all those who played.

Monday Assembly

Fred and Johnny entertained and intrigued the children, on the first day back at school, with a different view of the Easter Story and how problems can be best shared.

One egg was easily broken whilst several dozen remained intact when stood on by a Year 4 boy!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Year 6 Maths Revision

This seems like a really good site for revising any aspects of maths that year 6 children are unsure of. The website also has areas for year 3, 4 and 5 of equal quality.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Year 4 plant animations

Best Effort Assembly

Lauren and Kathy proudly show their Headteacher's Award badges.  They have gained 5 leather embossed bookmarks and can now wear their new badge with pride.  Their names will also be inscribed on the Headteacher's Award Trophy which is on display in the trophy cabinet.  Excellent!
The Cross Country runners who made the Norfolk County Finals. Jake came 5th in the County.  Well done to all of you, you did North Norfolk proud!

8 Headteacher's Award winners. 5 big certificates equals an embossed leather bookmark.  Well done! Note it was also Y4 Wacky Hair Day! :-)

5 small certificates equals 1 large best effort certificate.  Well done and thank you to all of you.

Best efforts demonstrated loads of learning about plants and flowers.  We were shown posters, writing, animations, practical experiments, film, photographs, drama, puppet shows, singing, painting and drawing.  Fantastic variety of work.  Well done to you all! :-)