Thursday, 29 March 2012

Year 3 Smoothie Day

Year 3 have been busy today making smoothies which they designed in small groups. They all thoroughly enjoyed making and drinking them!

Year 5 down on the farm!

On Tuesday, Year 5 enjoyed a lovely, sunny day at Norton's Dairy Farm in Frettenham.  We saw the dairy herd and learned how the farm grows crops to feed the cows.  Everyone was impressed by the milking robot, which milks the cows automatically and registers how much milk each animal produces, as well as being able to keep detailed records of the animals' movements and health.  In the afternoon, we were treated to a cheese-making demonstration.  This taught the children about the nutritional value of milk as well as introducing some of the scientific concepts involved in turning milk into cheese.  The cheese we sampled tasted delicious!  Finally we learned about different soil types, as soil is an important element for growing successful crops.  We now have a really good understanding of how milk is produced and its nutritional value.

Headteacher's Comment Easter 2012

This half term has been as busy as ever!  Your children have enjoyed many visits and trips in addition to ‘extras’ such as violin, guitars, football, rugby, cross country, choir, maths tuition, netball, hockey, creative club and I’m certain to have missed something!  I want to say a personal and public ‘thank you’ for the wonderful support received from staff, parents and student teachers.  Many thanks! J

Of course, these activities gain publicity.  If you have an issue with any of the following, please contact me;
Photographs (with no name) on the Blog or in the School Prospectus and photographs (with names) in the local newspapers or broadcast on local radio.

Next term will see a full sporting ‘round up.’  It has been a wonderful winter season with many successes.

We have taken the opportunity of staff changes to re-structure the support and organisation around children who have additional needs. (SEN or SEND as you often see it.)  We take supporting your children very seriously and provide many forms of additional help.  Available to everyone is Will Campbell the Parent Support Adviser and Debbie Bedford from the Benjamin Foundation.  Homework help is available, often twice a week.  The computer suite can be used by arrangement if pupils wish to visit the Blog with their parents and this is not possible at home.  Many children receive small group or individual help with reading, spelling, writing and maths.  Extra tuition is given for identified children in maths.  Once a child is receiving much more help and much closer attention, they become known as School Action Plus.  This means that parents and carers are sent an Individual Education Plan (IEP) each half term following a review of their progress by teachers, teaching assistants, the SENCOs (Mr de Neve and Mr Amies) and in liaison with the School Management Team.  This closely documents what is happening and achievements that are made.  Some children have a Statement of Special Educational Needs.  This means their need has been more formally recognised and in addition to the above, their progress is monitored during an Annual Review, when all parties involved meet together to discuss provision.  I thank all the invited parents who attended the recent meeting for School Action Plus and Statemented pupils.  I hope the explanation proved useful.  For those who did not attend, I hope this summary is helpful and informative.

The ‘Blog’ continues to go from strength to strength.  There have been over 19,000 hits in the four months it has been live.  We are receiving more and more comments which is lovely.  We have now received comments from around the world.  Someone searching ‘golf’ realised the children were taking part in Tri-Golf and made a lovely comment from the other side of the world.   It is through the Blog that you are able to see the most up to date news and also some lovely photos.  Not been there recently?  Go to and don’t forget to go back to previous pages.  If you are not a regular viewer, you will certainly have missed news which has now gone onto a previous page.

Please remember that school begins at 0850 (ten to nine) and children and parents/carers should not be in school prior to this time.  Adults in school are busy preparing for their day and this is not usually a good time to talk.  Also, please remind your children that adults are on the playground or outside from 0840 (twenty to nine) and they should not arrive before then unless there has been a specific arrangement made.  Thank you.

You should all have received the Annual school Report for your child(ren).  Please return the slip if you have a comment to make.  Also, please return the slip in order to make an appointment to discuss the report at Parents’ Evening on Tuesday 17th April 2012.  Returning the slip before the holiday will make it easier for everyone.

Finally, there has been a lot of illness during this half term.  I wish everyone a happy and healthy Easter holiday and hope that everyone returns to school ready for a good Summer Term on Monday 16th April 2012.  This will probably be the term in which your school receives the next Ofsted inspection. 

Have a good holiday!

Steve Godson, Headteacher, March 2012.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Year 3 had a trip out to Morrison's today...

They found out where the different foods come from and how they got from the grower to the shop. We would like to give a special thanks to Morrison's who were kind enough to talk to the children and explain about the different food departments. Some of the children were lucky enough to taste some fruit. Thank you Morrison's.

Easter Lunch

Easter lunch was also a special part of today.  Just when there was not enough going on....Y5 Farm trip, Y3 Supermarket trip, Friends coffee morning, Easter lunch, violin lessons and Y5/6 Drama Club production, the ladies took yet another opportunity to dress up.  The Easter Bunnies cooked up a lovely Easter lunch.  Thank you! :-)

Decorate an Easter Egg

As part of the coffee morning, many eggs were decorated.  There were some very clever Olympic Eggs and some Royal Celebration eggs.  Decisions are always hard, particularly where adult help is provided!

Friends of CJS Easter Coffee Morning

This morning, the ever willing band of Friends of Cromer Junior School plus additional volunteers, organised the most superb coffee morning.  The Year 6 organised the side shows and again showed both willingness and maturity.  We await to hear the financial outcome.  On behalf of you all, a big THANK YOU as the effort is for your children. :-)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday 23rd March 2012

Y4 presented their work about the importance of barley as a crop in Norfolk.  Great adverts!  Great logos!
The remaining Cycle Proficiency training certificates were distributed.

10 Headteacher bookmarks were awarded.

About 40 Best Effort certificates were awarded.  The boys reported on their team becoming runners up out of 72 teams at Carrow Road.  More details will follow.  The end to another busy week.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Year 3 self-portraits

Today Year 3 created some thoughtful self-portraits to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, for the national project Face Britain.