Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Year 3 clay desk tidy

Today year 3 designed a desk tidy. It needs to hold a pencil, rubber and ruler. They chose a technique, either the coil or slab method. After designing they started making!

5S have an early christmas challenge at CA

Y6 The Groovy Greeks

In Year 6, we are studying the Ancient Greeks. We are making Horrible Histories documentaries on our chosen areas!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday morning assembly.

Mr deNeve talked to us about what happened this week in history, and gave us clues to this weeks Number of The Week.
Jake from NCSF awarded Sportasaurus for great achievement in PE.
Then Kyle from Young British Filmmakers talked to us about a really exciting new club which is running in the new year.

Science in year 3

We have been looking at balanced and in balanced diet a. The children had the task of sorting some lunch boxes into balanced or unbalanced.  We have also been looking at how our body digests food.

Y3 trading

Last week the children learnt how to barter. They played a game called 'would you survive as a settler?' They needed to collect all the items to survive by trading and bartering. They enjoyed the game and found it a challenge!

Y3 Dance

This week we thought about how the giraffe moves while eating leaves off trees. We also thought about how he moves unsteadily in the story, giraffes can't dance. We represented this in our dance lesson.