Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Monday, 12 October 2015

How Hill

Year 4 have arrived at How Hill. Bags are unpacked and activities already underway ☺

Y6 Science

Today we are researching the 5 kingdoms that classify all living things.
Some of us were able to explain the difference between the Protists & Miners kingdoms.

Y6 Maths

Today we are learning about developing strategies and justifying our methods by playing an incredibly fun dice game called Pig.

Monday morning assembly

Y3 pirate trip

Last week year 3 visited Cromer museum. Before they went, they received a letter from Captain Jaggard asking if they could help her to escape from the pirate hunter, Smyth.

Year 3 really enjoyed the training of how to be a pirate, and also on how to be a pirate hunter. They then chose sides! Year 3 were all very good at keeping the whereabouts of captain Jaggard a secret from Smyth! She has escaped and is still on the run.