Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The Base - Around the garden

In the Base we have been busy in the garden. 
In the vegetable beds - radish, kohlrabi, lettuce, beetroot,
runner beans, purple sprouts, peas, courgettes, potatoes, soya beans, chard, carrots, aubergines, purple spouting broccoli, peppers and tomatoes
In the herb bed - mint, fennel, parsley, chives and oregano
In the fruit bed - raspberries.
Around the garden - sunflowers and sweet peas


Monday, 6 July 2020

The Base - Bird feeders

The Base were happy to have some handmade bird feeders made by another pupil to hang in the garden. He hung them around the garden while we were busy learning and it was a lovely surprise for our Base children when they went out at play time.

The Base - Classroom planting

In the Base we have been using little greenhouses to grow some seeds. We are trying to grow radish, lettuce, corn and beetroot. Each greenhouse has been placed on the windowsill so we can watch the seeds grow. 

Thursday, 2 July 2020

The Base - All about herbs

In the Base we have been looking at different herbs. We discovered that a lot of herbs have lovely aromas as well as very different leaves to look at. 
After studying the herbs we used water colours to do detailed drawings and paintings of each herb.

Sea Monster!

Building Bridges - Group I

After looking at the River Thames and different bridges all over the world, Group I used a variety of resources to design and create their own bridges. We tested them to see how much weight they would hold.